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23” Wall Clock:

* 23” diameter, 5 1/2” depth, 10” dial. Glass and dial illuminated by a neon tube.

~Using in-stock glass (GOLDEN BRIDGE or BELFAST on Home Page) or Personalized (custom) glass.

14” Wall Clock:

* 14” diameter, 5” depth, 8” dial. Glass and dial illuminated by a neon tube.

~ Using in-stock (BIG BAND and Below) or Personalized (custom) glass.

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

Standard power cord location is at 6 o’clock unless otherwise specified.

These clocks are recommended for interior use only. Note that photographs may not accurately represent true neon colors.

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* 11” tall, 8” wide. All chrome base and bezel.

* Glass and dial illuminated by a neon tube. * Standard power cord location at bottom rear of base.

** Ken-Glo version of the rare Glo-Dial Countertop

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In-stock 14” Wall Clock Glass:

Plus! Both styles of BELFAST SPARKLING WATER, shown on home page. All in stock!

Examples of 14” PERSONALIZED clocks, custom ordered:

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Examples of 23” PERSONALIZED clocks, custom ordered:

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